Most Corrupt Bits Of Injustice   - The Illicit Crushing of Who's Who Worldwide

Reed Elsevier, as the most cash-flowing, influential-rich publisher on earth,
has won every battle it has fought in 14 years.
When they decide it's time for dirty trials and lawyers, look out.
The ultimate in corporate and government corruption.

What court would ignore this?
Yet, this is the same federal judge who'd dismissed the case before!
Poof - 20,000,000-dollar per year company gone instantly!

What court would ignore this?
Yet, this is the same federal judge who'd dismissed the case before!
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Million-dollar con man testifying to stay out of prison

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For 100 years, Marquis Who's Who was the big kahuna of some 1,700 Who's Who organization. A true competitor appeared and flourished: Who's Who Worldwide Registry, which created an actual executive networking membership, for Presidents, CEO's, Chairman of the Boards, Directors, and other true corporate and institutional leaders:thousands of extraordinarily successful people.

WWW Registry went past Marquis' mere 10,000 listees, with a robust 74,000 members,
roughly 80% of whom were, and are, in the top three institutional ranks.

Reed Elsevier, using cash, corruption, and their unrestricted influence upon the legal and judicial communities in which Reed Elsevier reigns supreme, they crushed Who's Who Worldwide,
and took a small handful of salespeople as political prisoners.

What a total, silent scandal.

Question is, who will help these hard-working, honest... ... political prisoners?

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They knowingly sent innocent people to jail. the Illicit Crushing of Who's Who Worldwide was one of the longest, Most Corrupt Bits Of Injustice. How sad there are no more journalists with sufficient integrity to report the story. What a national scandal. More bizarre, the same federal judge who sat on this case, Arthur Spatt, studied Who's Who Worldwide AND its operations, for months and months and months before ruling that no crimes had been committed at Who's Who Worldwide, certainly not by the salepeople. As a result, he dismissed the charges... yet flipped on his own quarter of putative good judgement.     Scratch your head in wonder that a judge who'd never had a whiff of scandal about before could suddenly desert principle after principle, as evidenced within the record as well as without.

Most Corrupt Bits Of Injustice   - The Illicit Crushing of Who's Who Worldwide

When Reed Elsevier engaged in corporate gangsterism, using bribery and worse to crush Who's Who Worldwide Registry, they didn't just wipe out the competition.
(Reed Elsevier has been "pagewaxing" many Who's Who sites, which means illegally erasing them, so... click for...)

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Ludicrous Perversions of Justice in America
Among the Most Corrupt Bits Of Injustice, this is The Illicit Crushing of Who's Who Worldwide

Help the Who's Who-ers by calling the President at 202-456-1414     demanding that he pardon the Who's Who'ers