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The Science of Choosing To Profitably Retire Younger
through the Shapelinks Way To Win

The Shapelinks Way To Win urges you to make more of all that you do using the science of success. It does not change, because the underlying principles of the science of success have stood the test of time. In many cases, human experience with success dates back thousands of years.

Without wishing to disrespect you: If you knew better, you would do better, true enough?

The science of success is a wonderful and core feature of the Shapelinks Way To Win because it is so definably repeatable ... ... by YOU.
Any powerful shortcut that works close to one hundred percent of the time is a PowerGem:
PowerGems such as asking more people more times each. That is the science of success.

Offering people choices instead of a "yes" or "no" question: THAT is the science of success.

Let there be zero doubt in your mind: EVERYONE who uses the science of success gets to enjoy the fruits and consequences of the science of success, or, more accurately, the repeated use of the principles underlying the science of success.

Speaking Of The Science Of Numbers Relating Into YOUR Science Of Success And Wealth:
With respect to the science of numbers, and how to use that science to your early retirement benefit. If the sum and substance of your retirement wishes are for you to retire to your current residence and happily watch your flowers grow, you will need approximately 80% of your lifetime income to retire on.

 If you wish to travel and taste some of life's costlier gifts, you can figure that, in order to retire comfortably, you'll need at least three times your lifetime income. Naturally, you question the mathematical possibility of possessing more than one hundred percent of anything, and may even ask how in blazes so many people enjoy retirements if they're unable to accrue triple their lifetime earnings.

Well, in the first place, their retirement comforts do NOT come primarily from Social Security or their primary savings. It comes from investments that have grown. More often than not, those investments were tiny little modest sums that were invested with weekly or monthly regularity, with the occasional windfall tossed into that retirement investment fund as well. Almost none of our comfortable retirees made their retirement nest eggs in a single lump sum, or even in two, three, or ten large lumps.

Again and again we keep hearing the same comment from rich people.

"Success is not about hitting home runs;
it's about singles, every month of your life."

In 1992, approximately 72,000 Americans became millionaires.

By the time that 1994 presented its innumerable opportunities, it jumped up to nearly 150,000 (3,000 new millionaires every single week).

Month after month, mostly as the result of "a home-based effort of four or more hours per week," we've seen tens of thousands of new millionaires, for many months in a row.

By 1996, when America boasted three million AND eight hundred thousand people not merely worth, get this, when we hit 3,800,000 Americans EARNING an average of eighty thousand dollars per month, the IRS, Forbes, Fortune, and others began defining millionaires as those who earn a million or more per year.

Then comes 1999. A million new millionaires added to the other six million who are earning many thousands of dollars per week, and you're not, so be quiet. More so because yet another million individuals became millionaires the following year. EVEN WITH THE ECONOMIC DOWNTURN OF 2001, America continued to produce thousands of new millionaires every week!!

Because my lifetime goal is to give half of all my minutes and dollars to others who need it more, I've made a passion of studying, and personally interviewing, thousands of self-made masters and millionaires.

Is it possible they know something about attracting money that you don't? One thing every one of us can be certain of:
If you knew better, you'd do better.

We know that half of all Americans have no written plan for their retirement. We also know that they don't have the money to retire. Even if you wish to deny the scientific certitude that writing your dreams on paper instantly multiplies their probability of achievement. why not just take it on faith and try it?

Ten days. Each day, you invest a perfect one percent of your time, equal to fourteen minutes and twenty seconds, writing down the five biggest wishes you have, and each day, add just two or three names to a growing list of people or organizations you can ask for help.

One percent of your time, fourteen minutes per day, for ten days.

If you don't see enormous changes in your actions and results, give it up and call me a fool.

It just seems to me that, win or lose, the people who swing the bat are the only ones with a legitimate right to an opinion. They are certainly the only opinions that an intelligent OR hungry person would listen to.

No one says you personally must earn 80,000 dollars per month. For starters, you are incapable of earning such amounts until you believe that you can, and believe that you're worth it.

Each and every time you work on your map, which is just another word for "written instructions for how to get there," you can take a ten- or twenty-dollar bill out of your pocket, and place it in an envelope that will end up being deposited in a totally separate account from your normal funds. This new account is NOT an emergency fund. It is never, ever, ever to be touched before your retirement, no matter the cause. Since you've already gone through many of those 2000 lifetime paychecks, you can do your own math to figure out how many such checks you still have left.

Hopefully, this one examination of where you are, and where you are headed, and where you most want to be at a specific, identified date down the road, might very well be the catalyst that we've been waiting for: the one event that stimulates you into identifying one thing you can get paid for while enjoying your Shapelinks Way To Win in that area. Such excellence will definitely bring you joy and fulfillment, and also a significantly higher income. Even if only one tenth of this new side income is placed into the "NEVER TOUCH" account, you will find two things happening, one hundred percent of the time.

  1. Your retirement fund will grow faster than your calculations would indicate. The more it grows, the better you're equipped to visualize that retirement, simultaneously building desire to protect your own old age and also motivated to increase the perceived, visualized quality of that retirement. Generally, you can expect that in the first three to four years alone it will triple whatever you've put away in the previous ten years. Acknowledging that this may not seem to make sense on the surface, it has nevertheless worked for countless people.

  2. Because of the Law of Accumulation, it will grow at speeds you probably won't fully understand. The Law of Accumulation, like all laws of physics, is not always understood regarding how it works; it is invariably understood by learned people to be axiomatic. It simply states that, for every dollar you save on a so-called permanent basis, never to be touched before retirement, another dollar and change will come along from a perfectly unexpected source to enrich that retirement fund. It's the same as charity, wherein the more you give away, the more you get back from other sources you never expected to benefit from. As with every other opinion offered by a human being, you can respond to this with an opinion that is based on your experience with this PowerGem, or with empty words of someone who thinks they know better. As with every other opinion about money, your bank account tells us the story, doesn't it? More importantly, it reminds YOU of who you need to be listening to: those who have already done it, and those who are doing it now; true, or not?

One thing is certain of the very few perfectly common threads that run through the daily actions of literally millions and more millions of Americans who work up to earning an average of 20,000 per week. The day that you defy everyone around you and have the nerve to believe you can make thousands per week, you make instant progress towards making it happen. Do you understand how critical, how instantaneously this power becomes yours when you do nothing more, or less, than grab it with all your heart and guts and simple belief?

Mathematically, every single step you take brings you at least one step closer. You cannot change the laws of physics. If you could, you would. You'd shut up and show us this very minute. Is this correct, or not? Can you decry or deny it? Hush up and do it. Do it at least enough to be able to say, "Hey, I tried three hundred times and only succeeded fourteen times." Because then we'll have even more proof of who and what you are, because we'll then know what is required to make it happen again, and then more often, don't we?

Science Of Success Is More Just The Science of Success - Teach Yourself!

The science of success, so much more than you may think
because the science of success is much deeper in YOUR sink.
All that you collect, going deeper inside of your drain,
is the science of success collecting deep within your brain.

Drain and drink the knowledge, in the science of success,
and all that touches you in life, surely will be blessed.

Luck is what you make it, laboring under correct knowledge, you know,
and the science of succes is what the Shapelinks Way To Win aims to show.
Drink in all the science, living out your great success,
emancipating all the sheeple, cleaning up Mankind's mess.

Sweet science of succes, oh, the science of success,
from the masters and the champions do we borrow,
lift up your everything, through the science of success,
reaching for that gaze upon your sweet tomorrows.

What high school or college teacher ever taught you how to get happy and wealthy in a big way?

How many?

The Shapelinks Way To Win presents this to you as YOUR blueprint, your map for making this particular trip we call Life.

Follow the map and you'll follow your dreams. We can even tell in advance precisely how many of your dreams will come true in this life. Oh, yes. That's why I'm the only man in America to offer 100 times your money back. In all these years, not one client or student has ever sought a refund, and there is just ONE reason: these are the shortcuts of masters and millionaires, the shortcuts of champions and billionaires.     THEY WORK CONSISTENTLY. With exquisite precision they are as consistently productive as you are. Don't use the shortcuts, it's unlikely you'll get these kinds of world-class results. USE these shortcuts and you are absolutely, positively and never-failingly guaranteed to achieve world-class results, mathematically dependent on how many times you use these, and how ardently you try.     That's it. These shortcuts produce as will you.

Use any PowerGem 100x. If you don't get life-changing, excellent results that dramatically exceed any and all of your previous efforts,, I'll give you 100 times your money back. Thanks to people smarter than you and I put together, I possess hundreds and hundreds of the greatest, most powerful shortcuts and techniques in the world. It pleases and pleasures me to share them with you, personally.

Over the course of one 22-month period of time, between live and radio shows, continuing to read a book or two per day, and doing an average of three hours per day in community and pro bono service, MisterShortcut had the great good fortune to create thousands of unique documents, repeated in moderately altered forms on more than a thousand computer servers around the world. Further, MisterShortcut wrote MANY gorgeous songs on several different instruments, continued to test-drive between one and three hundred new (and usually fun) computer programs each month, and placed FREE food buttons
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on so many of the millions of individually unique pages crafted and delivered by MisterShortcut.

"These are just some of my many activities. Where do I find the time? Oh, that's easy.

Each day, just like a bank teller issued with so much money, I am issued a whopping number of resources. For starters, I have an incredible 1,440 individual minutes to do with as I wish."

About 7 of every one hundred people reach inside themselves, and reach up, pulling up to fourteen minutes of excellence out of every 1400 minutes they are issued and assigned by life, and by their own internal Shapelinks Way To Win. These seven of every one hundred generally earn at least 16 to 84 times what you do. Some are smarter, some are dumber, some look nicer, some don't, the only thing they all have in common is that they ask for what they want more than you do. They make it their business to devote at least one percent of their time, fourteen point four minutes per day, asking other people and organizations to give them what they want.

Everything else is coming from somewhere..., well,   not the horse's mouth; much, much closer to the other end.

Mathematically, it's so simple that even you can understand it. Intellectually, there is very little chance you can or will understand it. That's because the only true demonstration of intelligence is demonstration of whatever information you possess that you believes entitles you to be considered intelligence. Knowing something has value only as far as the knowledge is applied.

Let's put it simply. My mother, not for the first or last time, lied to me when she said that knowledge is power. Knowledge is not power. Look at all the super-intelligent people who are always at the end of the line. No, knowledge is not power, knowledge is potential power.

When does it become power? There you go, perhaps you are catching on. Ah, what's the use? As soon as you're done reading this, you are going to nod your head with determination, and say, "Yeah, that guy is really on target!" Within 24 hours you are expected to be back at your normal moronic level of effort.

That doesn't make you a moron, necessarily, only that your effort level is approximately that of a moron. If you wish to be considered as more than a moron by, let's say a visiting dignitary or rich relative, they only have one way to know if you're a moron or not. Who did you help today? Inside your mind and soul, the Shapelinks Way To Win awaits YOUR deployment of this genuinely magnficent, high-powered secret of success. Never underestimate the powers and efficacy of helping people with respect to benefits that accrue to the helper.

Who did you ask for help today? If you haven't committed one of these two activities today, you have definitely put forth a sufficient approximation of the moron's effort level to be justifiably viewed, well, as a moron; one without power. Knowledge is simply insufficient to produce results. Power is as knowledge does. Keep telling yourself this: Power is as knowledge does.

For those of you who have already given help to another today, or asked for help from another today, you are already on your way to living more of your life's dreams than literally dozens of your neighbors all added up together - at least those neighbors who are not either asking for or giving help.

The average person receives 2000 paychecks in a lifetime. That's just not much, is it, once you subtract all the necessary, often unanticipated expenses of life.

I'd like you to think about a young college kid, going around to spectators at a school football game, asking each person for a fifty-cent donation in order to fund a basketball team for the school.

Approaching a very distinguished gentleman, he makes his pitch. The older man says, "What you're doing is great. Did you realize, however, that I am an alumnus of this school?"

"Yes, sir," said the young man, "still and all, the school won't pay for the team, so we're asking each spectator today to donate fifty cents each so we can buy the equipment and uniforms we require."

"Aren't certain courtesies extended to alumni of our institution?" asked the older gentleman.

The young man rejoindered with something along the lines of, "Certainly, sir, I just don't see it necessarily applying to our raising money for a basketball team. May I ask you for a fifty-cent donation?"

Pulling himself up to his fullest height, the alumnus asked, "Do you realize that I am a former President of the United States?"

To which our brave student, all of 18 years of age, politely replied, "Of course I recognize you, Sir. That being said, may I ask you again for a fifty-cent donation?"

The retired President promptly reached into his pocket, gave the student a dollar and told him to keep the change.

"Oh, no, sir, that wouldn't be fair. We're only asking for fifty cents per person," as he gave two quarters back to the former U.S. President.

The older gentleman continued. "Young man, I am firmly impressed not only by your sense of fair play but as well by your remarkable persistence. Tell me, what's your name." To which the student replied, "Calvin, sir. My name is Calvin Coolidge."

It's an interesting side note, pertinent to this story, that the young man did successfully raise enough money for a school basketball team, yet when he himself tried out for the team, he didn't make the cut. No favoritism shown there. So, he made the best of what resources he had, which in his case was his mind, and became the coach of that ultimately rather successful college basketball team. He both asked for help and gave his help. This is how he went from zero to hero, from a merely friendly neighbor to President of the United States.

While you surely knew that Calvin Coolidge became President, there's probably little else that most of us do in fact know about this interesting man. His Presidency had no great monuments to it, although he certainly did leave something vital behind. It was a statement he made towards the end of his life, containing the strongest adjective available in the English language.

He said,

"Nothing can take the place of persistence. Talent will not, for nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Education will not, for the world is filled with educated derelicts. Genius will not, for unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Determination and persistence alone are omnipotent."

Wow. "Omnipotent." A word normally reserved for referring to the Architect of the Universe, meaning "all powerful." When we consider that this word was used by a man who rarely used adjectives in his speech, AND when we consider that he brought himself from obscurity to win the most coveted and powerful position on the planet, we'd have to pretty foolish to diminish the life-changing potency of his words. Indeed, determination and persistence alone are omnipotent.

One tiny pebble at a time will ultimately build the largest castle on earth. Ee World Trade Center, whose twin towers loom higher than anything and everything within eyesight from their roofs, are made up of millions of tiny little pieces that were added just one at a time.

As for stock market investment, the only consistently successful approach that has ever been measured, observed, and enjoyed is the method whereby you take whatever amount you wish to invest, divide it amongst twenty or so of your best picks, and then forget about your investment, not even bothering to stress yourself checking the progress of a stock, for at least twenty years. At the end of the twenty years you'll find that sixteen of your stocks don't even exist anymore, or if they do, they're at rock bottom, while the remaining three or four will have earned you a fortune. From Percy Ross, who became famous as the millionaire with a newspaper column who invested another twenty years giving away all those millions, to the most successful non-institutional investors in our history, this method has proved itself through the ravages of time and market volatility. You can like it, or not, this method works consistently. Because you are using thousands of fewer steps than other, more 'conventional wisdom' approaches, it certainly qualifies as a major shortcut to an independent, satisfactory retirement of greater solvency and financial freedom than getting there otherwise.

Those 2000 paychecks that you might earn over your lifetime can contain little pebbles that grow into big boulders, or you can apply the omnipotence of determination and persistence to finding a way to get paid, on the side, part-time, for doing something you love. What that something is, well, that's for you to decide. The only certitude we have here is that your life is zipping by at high speed. The quality of your retirement is being determined by what you do this month, this week, this very day. You're urged to tap more into what you already possess, in order to provide yourself, long-term, with the freedom to do whatever you believe you were primarily placed on this earth for. Aren't you worth more effort?

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Science Of Success Proves To Be
More Than "Merely" The Science of Success - Teach Yourself!

The science of success, so much more than you may think
because the science of success is much deeper in YOUR sink.
All that you collect inside, drawn deeper within your drain,
is the science of success collecting deep within your brain.

Drain and drink the knowledge, in the science of success,
and all that touches you in life, surely will be blessed.

Luck is what you make it, laboring under correct knowledge, you know,
and the science of succes is what the Shapelinks Way To Win aims to show.
Drink in all the science, living out your great success,
emancipating all the sheeple, cleaning up Mankind's mess.

Sweet science of succes, oh, the science of success,
from the masters and the champions do we borrow,
lift up your everything, through the science of success,
reaching for that gaze upon your sweet tomorrows.

The proof is more than plenty, for the science of success,
and you'll find there's more than meets the eye,
when this science you shall test.
Look beyond the moments,
where you thought your life forsooth,
and you'll find the science of success,
where once you thought that truth,
Seek it from an angle, from a newer coign of vantage,
as the streams of wisdom bring you closer,
to the places you've been casting.

Take the science of success to bring you where you will,
for without the science of success, you'll pay a greater bill.

The Shapelinks Way To Win is a never-ending quest to improve upon the science of success.
Granted, there are many facets of success that may appear to be science when it's art.
Donald Trump's first book was "The Art Of The Deal," a revealing success insight.
He states that it takes the same energy to think big as it does to think small.
What do YOU think about thinking small versus thinking large?

The science of success is all around you.
The science of success if found deep within you.
You used the science of success to figure out how to tie your shoes,
the single most difficult task you will ever learn during your entire lifetime.
You have used the science of success for serious deadlines, and petty wishes.
From today, the science of success is to be gathered and used for your success.
Success on a greater level than before, success large enough, and repeated enough,
to be granted that wonderfully apt and powerful descriptions, the "science" of success.
By engaging YOUR science of success, you find your science of success embracing you.
Even YOU can improve by one percent, true? Do you recognize the growth cuve?
The more times you tap into your internal sense of your Shapelinks Way To Win,
the more times you find the Shapelinks Way To Win tapping the world for you.
No need to believe this, just speak less and do more.

  Keep 911day from fading away     Expand life via your internal Shapelinks Way To Win by living more.


  Expand life via your internal Shapelinks Way To Win by living more.

   Remember 911day.  

Delve into your Shapelinks Way To Win
Enjoy replicating the results of champions and winners, leaders and masters,
by using this resource intended to remind us how to imitate masters and champions,

the Largest Personal Website On The Internet, compliments of MisterShortcut


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The Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath have many names, & a boatload of descriptions.
In summary, every arena of human life reveals those who routinely, repeatedly outperform everyone else.
These people are, as a rule, masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, who repeatedly do best.

Without exception, people who REPEATEDLY demonstrate mastery have found or developed great shortcuts.
The Health-Oriented LifePath is the imitation of people who live stronger for longer with proven natural ways.
The Shapelinks Way To Win shares the secrets of superlatively accomplished people who routinely win in life.

Since people tend to respond to differing stimuli individually, even including the name of a school of thought,
in manners unique to each individual, the Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath can "morph."

Where a uniquified school of thought may seek to persuade, another to cajole, a third can instruct, and so forth,
the Shapelinks Way To Win has over a thousand sister "schools of thought," with unique colors, approaches, etc.
Likewise, the Health-Oriented LifePath uses different mindsets and adjectives and colors and more, to be unique.

What they have in common are shortcuts. Little shortcuts, enormous shortcuts, health- and wealth-related shortcuts,
most of all the shortcuts working so often they're fairly considered and described as PowerGems - ultimate shortcuts.

You are assured and even guaranteed by the Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath, with total sobriety,
that the results you get from using universal shortcuts, master secrets of the universe you know, have compelling proof.

As with so much that you find in 2,389 Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath websites, no belief is needed.
Whether using any of the fantastically futuristic devices that MisterShortcut designed and invented, or just free shortcuts,
proof is almost always rapid... and to a higher degree than many of us might hope to expect. Proof is experiencing it.
If you do not know how to do the one-second energy test, such as taught at, how can you call yourself safe?
What you know about health, and what you THINK you know about health, well, there is one heck of a gap there.
In truth, everything near electricity is instantly polluted by it, blanketed in frequencies that weaken mammals.
Do a one-second energy test before and during the time you pinch an electrical wire, or point to a fusebox.
Use the supercharged laser or EnergyTape, and test again. Like night and day, weakness and strength.
Across thousands of websites, with millions of unique pages from a single pair of dedicated hands,
using countless combinations & descriptions, the same few hundred shortcuts show us the way.

Embrace the Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath : Know reciprocation.
By whatever names you like, whatever colors and attitudes and suggestions, use them.
This is your life, your Shapelinks Way To Win, your Health-Oriented LifePath, as well.
What you know will always be a distant second to what you do with what you know.

Use more great shortcuts, and use shortcuts greatly.
The Shapelinks Way To Win promotes your everything.
The Health-Oriented LifePath helps you live stronger longer.

Speak less, and do more.

The science of success, the science of health,
the science of wealth, the science of life itself:
Find these wrapped in delicious eyecandy all throughout
the Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath