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Write why not.
As a master does, or a millionaire; champion or billionaire
... because knowing why not leads to resolving the obstacle

This PowerGem is directly and immediately useful in hundreds and more hundreds of areas of human interest, and human effort. From a successful wedding or a better job; directing a movie or increasing your income just 50% within 100 days; no matter WHAT it is you want, knowing exactly WHY you want it, describing in detail exactly what you want, you are accomplishing at least 20 percent of the job.   Now you only have 80 steps left - which we further reduce using high-powered shortcuts - your PowerGems.

What possible sense is there in fighting the simple application of mathematics?       If thirty-five and forty world-class masters or billionaires aren't enough to make each of us just shut up and listen, what about hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of world-class masters and millionaires, champions and billionaires, one at a time? Hearing the same methods over and over again has got to get through ee thickest mind; it's surely hoped that you're less intransigent than the average blockhead. the only possible way we know is based almost exclusively on what you do in the next 25 - 100 hours of your life. It will show so clearly whether or not you're willing to learn from the mouths of those who are already doing it at record-breaking levels.

You can dramatically boost your life in the next FIVE minutes!!! Put up or shut up. Describe, out loud & in writing, precisely what you most want in life. Begin creating a plan by writing out who can help you, & what 5 smaller steps you'd have to take in order to do or obtain it. You'll actually get energized just by writing down precisely why you want it.   Not a generalized answer: a specific answer.

It's quite true: you will change your life so dramatically, so far beyond anything you have believed about yourself up until now,
and you can alter and sweeten your path in the next 5 minutes, not by talking about what you know... rather, by USING what you know. Talk less; do more: it's the only way we'll ever know who you are. When you write why not, when you list the obstacles, you are inifintely more empowered to locate solutions, identify solutions, and create new solutions.

It's positively amazing how much, and how little, we really understand For example, most people who hear the three words "Write why not," even when they know that there's a "w" in front of the first word, "Write why not?" those 3 words sound perhaps unintelligible.

You understand the words, not necessarily their meaning. Most people who hear the three words "
Write why not," even when told that there's a "w" in front of the first word, "Write" will tell you that this sounds unintelligible. As with all wisdom, reviewing a gem repeatedly yields ever-increasing results.

One thing is certain. Use of these 3 words in the next few minutes can and will radically alter the remainder of your life. Significant, long lasting changes possible within a day or two, at most, a full week or two and beyond.       Write why not

Such a wonderful shortcut, partly because it produces over and over again at accelerated speeds, literally without limit. the long-term, Use of these three words comprise not merely a bit of wisdom; much more importantly, one of the most useful techniques you will ever encounter in your life for obtaining more health or money or sex or understanding or whatever else you might want this week, this month, this year.

Write why not!
The Shapelinks Way To Win INSISTS that you write why not.

It all begins with stating, out loud, in the next ten seconds what it is you'd most like.
No other talking, no thinking of anything else. Go ahead, say it out loud right now.

Excellent. You're now one fifth of the way to achieving it. No joke, no exaggeration.
  then, we need to list the reasons why we don't have it now... the specific obstacles.

Pareto's Principle reminds us that 80% of all results come from 20% of the efforts. Identifying specifically what is desired is apparently too difficult for the limited minds of most of us. It's the single toughest step, even tougher than taking step one, which accounts for another full 5% of the total task, which is identifying the obstacles to clear.

You need not believe what you're reading. If you're not living your life's happiest possible potential, your opinion is clearly way off base. This means you need to grasp a better, more comprehensive understanding of why you have two ears and only one mouth; two eyes and only one mouth.

If you're not getting it from the horse's mouth, it's reasonable to figure you're getting it from the wrong end of the horse. Proof? Take a look, and be honest, since no one knows but you and I, hm? Perhaps you have more sex than your neighbor does, but he or she (who knows these days?) may have better musical skills, or more money, or more exciting dawns. If you have it all, then why are you reading this unless it's to find faster, more powerful methods for getting where you want? Faster, that is, than you're getting there now, correct?   If there's even one dream left in you that you haven't achieved, you'd be smart to simply duplicate the words and actions of those who have already repeatedly done what you want to do or have.   

There is no faster route available, or currently conceivable, than duplicating the trails already blazed, true or not?
These people are by far the best possessors of shortcuts. Whether it took them ten, fifteen, even twenty years to find out what worked and didn't work for them, you get to avoid the majority of a trial and error process… because you can make use of their trial and error process. Do you understand how intensely powerful this is as a shortcut?

The generally simple and basic act of identifying obstacles represents and constitutes one of the three great powers of all human beings. In that same minute in which you commit the obstacles to paper,       THEY SHRINK!!!

Please, please; don't tell us you know how true and how powerful this is: make use of it immediately!! Not only do they shrink, they are instantly matched by ideas that start popping up on how to resolve each one, one at a time.

How funny, when people think they understand something, not realizing there is inevitably a second, and even a third more profitable meaning to every intelligent statement that a human being can utter. It applies to all wisdom.

As for "
write why not;" it's simple, and powerful, and here's how it works.

If there is anything on this planet it would please you to have or do in the next few days, weeks, or months, one thing that would really please you that you're not now experiencing, just hush up and write why not; why you don't have it now or why you think you can't have it.

You're invited to tap into this hugely effective technique. Write why not. What are the obstacles? Why isn't it happening in your life? Why not? Why don't you have it?

Whatever the answer is, put it on paper. Write why not

If there's something in life that you want but don't have, there are one or more identifiable things that are preventing you from actually smelling it, having it seeing it, tasting it, playing it, painting it, feeling it, hearing it, whatever. Write down the one or more identifiable things that are preventing you from having it. Stop yammering and do it now. Write why not

This makes it much easier to focus on solving them, or resolving them, one by one, until you achieve it. It's so simple that we fail to see the forest for the trees. Knowing it means little until you're doing it. When you write why not, you are writing a map. You've never in your life arrived at any intentional destination without a map in your head or hands, or somebody else's.

&sAccidents& are far fewer than you have been trained to understand thus far, and the sooner you understand this truism of life, the better off you are. A car collision is no accident: it is the result of not looking, or going too fast, or responding too slowly, or a hundred other excuses. There is only one reason for failure in anything. It is called insufficient effort. Everything else is an excuse.

You don't get to the milk store without creating an intentional, mental map of using your legs to carry you to your car, getting into the car, turning on the engine, and the thousand actions involved in getting there. Every one of these individual tasks is the result of uncountable millions and millions and millions of separate electrical instructions, all mapped out in our head.

We're so good at these little skills that we take them for granted.

That they are little skills doesn't change the fact that they're highly technical, complicated skills, accomplished ONLY through the use of millions and millions and millions and even hundreds of millions and more hundreds of millions of intensely sophisticated neurons and muscles and bones and fingers and feet and eyeballs and ears and toes and so much more.

Use this tiny skill immediately in order to begin producing better results, faster results of a higher quality, and, for those who are very seriously focused on the value of your minutes, even immediate results.

Write why not

When we see our obstacles in writing, and then go back to the mental image that was created the moment you said out loud what you want, you are stimulated to make action today, and then take action today that will bring you one and two and three steps closer than where you're at right now in relation to what it is you want.

Let me repeat: when we see our obstacles written down, and then connect them to the mental picture of having it already, it constitutes an actual stimulus to resolving those obstacles, so that you can get the feeling you get in that mental video. It's so simple to begin here, and get faster fruit. Stop talking. Please, don't tell us what you can do. Show us what you can do. Better yet, show the most important face you'll ever see in any mirror

Write why not

Who knows?    Maybe it'll even take you to creating a written list of people and agencies that can help you to make it happen.    Either way, we'll know today, won't we?     We already know that every significant or difficult journey requires a written plan, called 'a map.'
We already understand that no decent home can be built without a written plan, called 'a blueprint,' correct?
Zig Ziglar used to point out that every great wedding must first be plotted and planned on paper, from lists of food, drink, flowers, etc... to the invitations and RSVP's. He suggested, "Maybe that's why weddings tend to be so successful, and marriages tend to be so unsuccessful: one is planned -- IN WRITING -- the other is not.

Ultimately, we have to know where we're going if we want and intend to get there. Would any of us argue this point in a debate?
The reality? It's vital to the journey, and ultimate destination of, every human life... ... to plan it out properly, and in writing.

You see, my friend, when we don't know precisely where we're going, we'll most probably end up somewhere else, won't we?     So please, for your sake, go ahead... write why not.

When you've submitted your work to 100 different decision-makers at least one to five times per publisher, that's when you'll understand that you CAN guarantee publishing success using the identical methods of those who've already done it.

Remind yourself if you need to that the Shapelinks Way To Win is not the opinion of a human,
nor is it the invention of a human: The Shapelinks Way To Win is a universal regurgitation,
bringing back up to the forefront those shortcuts that have proven to work the most often.
As a child, you knew much of the Shapelinks Way To Win... and then just plumb forgot.
Today, pick up the old pieces of wisdom that you used to learn to walk and talk, etc.
Life and success are not much more than the use of those same pieces of wisdom.

And, as always, you are reminded of the price for these million-dollar pages.
Half your new wealth belongs to the Shapelinks Way To Win, fair and square.
Since the Shapelinks Way To Win does not want your hard-earned paychecks,
your responsiblity, obligation, and your debt is amerliorated by helping the helpless.
A piece of everything you ever receive in life does, according to the dictates of your religion,
belong to the least among us. Fulfill this responsibility and you will be enormously, repeatedly rewarded.

That's a premise and proven foundation of YOUR Shapelinks Way To Win.

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