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The Shapelinks Way To Win is HUGE -- tap any keyboard character to fly off to another Mister Shortcut website of empowerment, joy, and EyeCandy

Here are some of the first thousand MisterShortcut websites
From the Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath,
to so many other softer, tougher, differently-vantage-coigned schools,
the first rule of it all is for you to do even better, faster, utilizing shortcuts.
For health, to keep you going stronger for longer, the Health-Oriented LifePath
To multiply your wealth repeatedly, so you have more to help the helpless with,
you attain access to the Shapelinks Way To Win, the greatest shortcuts of all time.
Now it is your turn to speak less and do more, always, ALWAYS with mind of resolution.

Included are a couple of hundred earlier “redirects” which required licit separate email boxes EACH.  Whew!!

Many of these sites are hosted with smaller companies, more than a few likely to go out of business.
 As of today, there are more than a thousand Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts websites,
each and every one from MisterShortcut - Godfather of EyeCandy

All here for YOUR life.

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The Shapelinks Way To Win is Here For You You You
Are we having fun yet?     Designing and creating all these Shapelinks and the EyeCandy has wonderful,
if only because of the possibility of associating the pleasures of the Shapelinks Way To Win with education.

At the end of it all, the value of the Shapelinks Way To Win is determined less by how much food we raise,
and even less by how much you like the Shapelinks and EyeCandy, than how much you "get" the PowerGems.
The first order of business is understanding that what you do today affects tomorrow hugely.
Empowering effect or disempowering, there are no neutrals, it is now and always on you.
What you do speaks so loudly we cannot hear a word you say.  Knowledge is NOT power;
it is nothing more, and nothing less, than potential power, until it is employed.
It is the USE of knowledge that is defined in our dictionary as power.

Do more with what you know. You are assured of benefiting enormously,
and yes, money is one of many fringe benefits of repeat daily actions.
When we add the acceleration factor of any and all PowerGems,
every single human is assured of measurably better results,
with LESS effort, less time, and fewer expenses.
The Shapelinks Way To Win works purely,
and cannot distinguish between races,
nor religions or sexes or nations.
the Shapelinks Way To Win.
Created for you, friend,
because you're worth it.