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    Bodyscans Testimonials
The combination of Bodyscan and Q.R.A. (Quantum Reflex Analysis) exceeds anything else identified by the Health-Oriented LifePath


When I first saw the BodyScan demonstrated, I decided I really wanted to do this. Iíd been dealing with health challenges forever. I had broken a hip and my immune system was very, very low. Everything was overwhelming me physically. I just wasnít in good health.

I saw Walt Jaakkola a year ago, the session took about 2 hours, and I came away with lots of homeopathic remedies. I began to see him once a month. In the past year I notice that Iím not susceptible to all the things I was before. My immune system is definitely stronger than ever. I have a sense that working with Dr. Jaakkola and the BodyScan is strengthening me from the inside out. Itís going to a cellular level, and I know it!

I might still have some symptoms, but Iíve participated in my healing more than I ever did before. Itís not about any one thing I can point toójust an overall sense of gaining strengthóa solid way of thinking on every level. Iíve made an investment in my own quality of life. Iím beginning to tune in to the rhythms of my own body.


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The Health-Oriented LifePath and the Shapelinks Way To Win,
in all of their gorgeously interactive pleasure and splendor,
are tools, not answers to your challenges, but tools for your use.
Like a hammer on the shelf that cannot bang nails into a wall without you,
the Health-Oriented LifePath and must be picked up.

This is the Health-Oriented LifePath, putatively the internet's healthiest website,
and for sure, the largest naturopathic website, largest health-related website created to date.
With millions of these delicious pages,focusing on better and healthier ways of healing and living stronger longer,
the Health-Oriented LifePath is designed to be free for your life, for no greater or lesser reason than that you're worth it.

Truth is, no one on this planet can actively care more about your health and life than you yourself can,
so stop believing in fairies and doctors who "truly care." Ultimately, such rara aves are far and few between.
When you consider the number of deaths, particularly those actually caused by doctors, which, in America alone,
comes out to several thousand people every single week
who are dying from something termed "iatrognia" or iatrogenic death.
The correct tranlation for "iatrogenic" is "given to the patient by the doctor."
Whether it is by error or intent doesn't matter,because dead is dead.
Even JAMA and Lancet admit that iatrogenic deaths in America are topping out
at approximately two hundred thousand per year. The U.S. government says it's actually higher than that,
and it's unlikely that all such deaths are being reported accurately, not by a considerable margin.
Here at the Health-Oriented LifePath we're out to help you to change all that, with better info.
The more we learn, the longer and stronger we tend to live, so let's learn more to live more.
That is what these healthy wealthy websites are all about, and, beyond all seeming possibility,
from one pair of preternaturally busy hands: many hundreds of thousands of unique creations.

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