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Each and every time you instruct your brain to come up with better answers, it does.
You do not move to the opposite of a dominant thought. Dominant thoughts provoke ideas.
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More air, more water, more air-dried sea salt, more oil, bulk, and probiotics. These are our critical needs for longevity.
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Healthlinks? The Health-Oriented LifePath extends to millions and millions of unique pages, and to the work of the wizards,
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Learn more in hope that you might live more, naturally, flexibly, and, perhaps, at least somewheat joyously, living more by choice.

Do not fall victim to the sugars, bleached flours, or whole wheat, with its agglutinins that cause, among other things, mental retardation.
There are a host of healthier dietary choices that represent a night-and-day difference in how well, and how long you are likely to be alive.

Keep in mind one continuous reality of the Health-Oriented LifePath, specifically, that the Health-Oriented LifePath is already within you.