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Better health is far more a matter of choice than of better birth.
It is true that those who were naturally nursed will be stronger.
Still, better health is achievable by everyone who eats well.
Your current definition of "eating well" may need redefining.
"Eating well" means rarely ever eating anything touched by others.
Wash your own fruits and vegetables, and likely live better, longer.
Although there are many indisputably effective Longevity and health secrets,
you'll find that a few ounces of good quality olive oil, daily, works miracles.
Not in a virtual sense, either: genuine miracles that you will be able to repeat.
Better health is so much more a matter of choice, of YOUR better choices of diet.
Anything that was not once living has no hope of providing you with nutrition.
As for restaurants more than once a year, it is a sign of the foolhardy,
which is diplomatese for being a sign of the fool. Eat your own food.
Garbage in, garbage out. Quality in, quality out. Eat your own food.
Better health devolves to those imitating those with better health.
The Health-Oriented LifePath is just that: imitation of those who do.

Great Shortcuts

Great are the shortcuts I seek to pursue, great are the shortcuts I share with you.
Great are the shortcuts we use with decision,
which cuts off all other ways, with precise incision.
Great are the shortcuts we all need to find,
the great and the mighty use them just fine.
Great you have been, and great you will be,
when you add more great shortcuts to your own history.