Welcome to the very healthy world of MisterShortcut

What's his secret?       Great question... ... and the answer is simple:

  1. so MisterShortcut believes (correctly, it turns out), that applying up to a dozen different types of naturopathic (natural) therapies, combined with his encyclopedic knowledge of nutrients, results in materially helping you to reap the health-balancing benefits.

  2. Using the Bodyscan2010, which measures your precise sensitivities to some 16,000 substances, toxins, molds, bacteria, fungi, and more, a qualified technician can immediately determine what parts/organs in your body are off-balance, and why.

  3. People often use "can't afford" as an excuse not to get healthy, so Dr. Cohen provides generous free followups -- VERY generous free followups -- to every Bodyscan patient. The basic idea is that those who care enough about their own health to get involved with their health decisions rather than merely "leaving it in the hands of the doctor" will be given several free followup appointments to use the facilities to regain natural healthy balance.
This approach is clearly the best and healthiest approach to disease and disorder, because the proof is in the pudding, by way of such a high rate of success.
In sum, refuses to build financial wealth on the pain and suffering of other humans. That's a disease unto itself, isn't it?
As MisterShortcut loves to say,
"Learn more, and live more"
With knowledge in your pocket, you CAN regain your natural state of healthy balance;
you CAN live younger longer, live healthier and happier... ... naturally!

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