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Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts
The Most Effective Shortcuts Of Winners

Observe progress and growth across the globe. Observing millions of humans living their dreams at this minute, what is your reason again for NOT using masters' and millionaires' shortcuts?

Please put your mind into the zone of acceptance that the Shapelinks Way To Win inevitably has several goals in mind with each utterance. It is one of the primary goals of wisdom itself.

Can you tell us in ten words or less why you openly admit that masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires, (so many of whom go broke and get rich an average of nearly three times each in the second half of their lives), use "master shortcuts," while you don't?

Once you get a recipe down, most of your steps become shortcuts, right, or not? This is a primary source of shortcuts for most people: learning how to do something a little bit better, or a little bit faster, and sometimes both. Masters and millionaires and champions and billionaires use their understanding of this more than you do. YOU ALREADY USE THIS TECHNIQUE! Masters, millionaires, champions and billionaires do not necessarily do it that much better than you: ONLY MORE OFTEN OR WITH MORE EXCITEMENT.

That's really a majority of the difference between them... and you. They simply focus more on the shortcuts that help them to get better at increased speeds, to achieve more in the same or less time. Is this not your goal? Are you NOT interested in doing what you are already doing... either better, faster, or a combination of both? As long as this IS your goal, the Shapelinks Way To Win empowers you to empower yourself more efficiently.

If and when you can identify the reason you do or do not make fullest use of the best shortcuts of masters and millionaires whom YOU admire, that's when you increase the likelihood of your duplicating the results of masters and millionaires, and even champions and billionaires.

You do not have to believe any one single person or source, including the Shapelinks Way To Win. Find yourself ten or twenty or a hundred people in the world who are among the best at what they do, in your field of greatest interest. Ask each of them the same one or two or five or ten questions that you can ask each of them to answer. Whatever your chosen field of endeavor, there are people in the world doing (repeatedly) at world-class.

In every field of human effort, there are masters and millionaires. We know this as a general rule, and sometimes as a small group of rules. One of the primary tasks assigned to you by the Shapelinks Way To Win is the search for the list of rules most appropriate to your area of interest. The Shapelinks Way To Win is packed with them, hidden right in plain sight for you to pluck. When you wish to narrow down the rules, you need to look at the people who are doing it best. You get to reduce your study time some eighty or more percent! DUPLICATE THE WORDS AND ACTIONS, and you are going to DUPLICATE THE RESULTS.

When you invest or fritter time for the purpose of watching a football or basketball or soccer game, that may be recreation.... ONCE IN A WHILE, to provide yourself with some rest and relaxation. When you make a habit of watching those games, however, the plain truth is, the players and team owners are all laughing at you. You see, the players and owners are making more in a day than you make in a year, those who are less than HALF as smart as you are, or may be. Taking it a step further, the very idea of "supporting our city's pro franchise football/basketball/baseball team is one of the saddest and still funniest things in modern culture. You see, those players (and owners) could not give a rat's ass about you, your financial or medical challenges, or the dangers your children are subjected to in schools that are not safe. As for "area loyalty," you can see how loyal the players are when they move to whatever pro team is offering them more money. Silly you.

Does this NOT give you pause for thought? If you think they're NOT laughing at you, I guess you've never seen how they live... compared to how you live.

If you are not an acknowledged master or millionaire in your field, you have absolutely no right to a licit, valid opinion on how to do it successfully.
There are people who pursue their highest calling with passion, and there are people who do not. We already KNOW what you are.... because of whatever you've done on a day to day basis for years now. It is the final dividing line, the shortcut to understanding the most critical, instantaneous forward motion toward supersuccess: those who know what to do, and those who shut up and do it. Just like the thousands of Winners I've interviewed, and thousands more I've studied, your life is perfect proof of virtually every word you're reading. Stupid people are those who know exactly what to do; smart people are those who shut up and do it. Most people get only one life to live. Is it fair for us to say that you personally will probably only live one life? If you only have one of something, don't you want to treat it differently than you do something you have many of?    

Do you understand (which means, do you ACT as if you understand) that life, like a piece of bread or light bulb, is made up of smaller components that are combined? With bread, for this example, it's the smaller components of flour, water, and heat.
With the light bulb, it's a piece of wire, a couple of supports, a wire band, glass.

With life, the smaller components are what we call seconds, which rapidly become minutes and years.

Just as we can take a light bulb or piece of plastic and add it to other items to be part of a truck, the individual seconds of your life, and mine, and everyone who lives and breathes, those seconds become hours, days, weeks, months, and years. Add up all the items, and the total is called "My Life." Because we add different amounts of different ingredients, the final product is also different.

Since you or somebody else paid for this presentation, it makes sense to use it. In the next handful of minutes, let's draft out a proposed plan for your life. Yes, you. Five minutes. Ten minutes. You are busier with something more important than the rest of your life?

Please remember that, unlike games you pay other people to play, Life has no timeouts. From the Shapelinks Way To Win to you, "The clock of Life never gets to take a break."

That's why masters and millionaires use this quite-potent shortcut, and so many other successful shortcuts.

Go ahead!   Write in the margins if you have to. PUT IT ON PAPER. It is among the most pregnant and powerful of all the most effective shortcuts of succeeding, among the most effective shortcuts of power itself: it must be written. Never mind what's in your head. Does no good until it's outside of your head, under your control. For your sake. Scribble ideas and wishes in the margins. USE IT!!

Everything important you ever do in your life you plan, from weddings and holidays to interstate travel.

In minutes, we begin drafting a plan for the most important journey of all: YOUR LIFE.

Stop and think about it: ever been to a wedding? I would suppose that no less than 95% of all weddings go off wonderfully. Every wonder why? Think there might be a connection to the fact that the wedding or other affair was so carefully planned? Ee color and folding of the napkins or type of lettering on the invitations to the honeymoon suite reservations, et alia: the event is planned, on paper.

It's broken down to smaller steps, correct?

Would you even dream of trying to make a three-day deadline to travel 1500 miles without a definite, clear, written plan, sometimes referred to as 'a map;' sometimes referred to as 'Give me the directions?" Of course not. You make the deadline specifically because you knew precisely where you were going, you made a decision on which boulevard or highway or street to take, and then you persisted, even when you got lost, ran out of gas, or suffered other obstacles.

When you come to a red light, you stop your car (hopefully). At that moment, your forward momentum has stopped. In fact, your trip has come, literally, to a halt. Do you end the trip? Do you turn around and go home? Well, before you sneer, stop and consider how many times in your life you may have taken a first step, even a second, third, or ninth step towards doing or acquiring something, and suddenly your trip came to a halt. Proving once again that ninety-three percent of us are too stupid to act upon the knowledge that 100% of us possess, you quit. Because you quit, you failed, not the other way around. In any and every worthwhile thing you personally have ever accomplished, and repeated at will, it is exclusively because you knew precisely what you wanted, you knew what you had to do to get there, and you did it as many times as it took to get it done. Now, we get to use your skills for higher achievements, with results appearing as soon as the next hour or less... of YOUR life.

Just get the recipe correct. Like an refined map or blueprint of your home, we work backwards, live forwards. You would not bake a cake without a specific, QUANTIFIED recipe. You would not dream of driving to another city without a map. You would not consider building a house without a blueprint. How could you possibly think of treating your life as something not worthy of building, rather than just taking as it comes?

What do these things have in common? They are written, and they are capable of being measured by QUANTIFIABLE smaller steps. Period. 45,000 pages of research are crunched into 2100 pages. Quantifiable. Enough material for ten books. When you ask better questions, you persistently get better answers, whether you're asking the question of yourself, or someone else. It works. Use it.

  • Precisely (meaning precisely) what do I want?
  • By what date?

  • What five smaller pieces can I break this into?
  • Who can I ask for help?
  • What first measurable step can I take in the next five days?

Put your answers, IN WRITING , and you now see the map to your own highly-accelerated success in any and every human endeavor. PLUS, it provides the brain with a magic, nearly-indefinable measure of fuel to take action on these answers. When we map things out, they become simpler, easier to understand, easier to believe in, and the results follow as an uncomplicated - or 'de-complicated'- chain of graspable steps, each following as naturally as breathing or tying your shoes.
There isn't even any need for you to necessarily believe or not believe in this life-changing, truly magical shortcut, because you can and certainly will prove them right or wrong... ... AFTER you've put them to the test.
The Shapelinks Way To Win can safely assure you that, when you inquire of one hundred or one hundred thousand "self-made" millionaires, one at a time, how they got to be a millionaire, the majority of them will tell you that they had, and/or still have, a written plan.
Building the Shapelinks Way To Win required, among other things, asking several thousands of millionaires that question, one at a time, and more than ninety percent of them included  "WRITTEN PLAN"    as one of their answers.
If you really do know better than thousands of millionaires how to go about becoming a master, feel free to tell us -- oops, feel free to SHOW US -- that you know better. If not, we suggest you grab a pen and paper, now, this minute, and begin that magnificent journey to a phenomenally happier life... starting today.

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Excellence never happens accidentally, not for masters and millionaires, and assuredly not for you, either.
When we follow the rules that Life (and masters and millionaires) set out for us, we multiply our probabilities.
If excellence is no accident, then neither is success, so, wise is a person who humbly accepts big shortcuts.
Total Winning becomes a much easier concept to grasp, and to fulfill, when we use genuinely universal shortcuts.
Make Total Winning YOUR Goal For This Year 


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Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts
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Masters and millionaires shortcuts,
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