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A starting taste of some of the thousands of MisterShortcut self-empowerment websites,
beginning here with the Shapelinks Way To Win and Health-Oriented LifePath,
carefully designed, created, uploaded and promoted by the Godfather of Shortcuts.

Wave your mouse to discover EyeCandy at all 1000 of the websites known as Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts.
You will also find that your keyboard is uniquely powerful at these sites... (go ahead, type any letter or number)
Look for hidden PowerGems that boost all your results.

Many of these sites are hosted with smaller companies, more than a few likely to go out of business.
 As of today, there are more than a thousand Masters and Millionaires Shortcuts websites,
each and every one by MisterShortcut, Godfather of Online EyeCandy

with treats and visual surprises: EyeCandy,
all here for your life.


Stop telling us what you can do.
Try showing us what you can do.
Better yet, show yourself.
What you do speaks so loudly,
we can hardly hear a word you're saying.

Save a life with two free clicks, NO CHARGE to you.
Corporate sponsors buy over a cup of food for your clicks.                                 Nice... saving a life with clicks!
Delicious EyeCandy Castle


Are we having fun yet?     It's been delightful creating it for you
What you know means little to any of us.
What you DO with what you know fascinates us. 

Do more with what you know.
Rapid advancement is your certain result.
Even better, it improvement occurs as often as you wish.
You already know the math: try it ten times, and succeed once or twice..
Try it one hundred times, and your skill level multiplies repeatedly.

TowerLinks in ShapeTalk - Shapelinks Way To Win Poetry

TowerLinks have brought us here,
each HealthGem made crystal clear.
TowerLinks are your EyeCandy treats,
creating, for your joy, interactive sweets.
TowerLinks inevitably lead to The source,
it is best to catch it at the mouth of the horse.
TowerLinks, ShapeLinks, Waverings and more,
are what the Shapelinks Way To Win has in store.
The shelves are well-stocked with merchandise galore,
but you are asked to note of Towerlinks one thing more.
Millions of pages, and more millions of pages,
unique to the core though they be,
billions in value, and still for free,
notice no shopping carts thrust at thee.
You should not pay money, for DVD's and such,
if you have to pay, how can it be worth that much?
HealthGems and TowerLinks and ShapeLinks Treats,
are each meant to guide you, to big truths tasting sweet.
Live more by learning more, with TowerLinks & more,
and you may yet turn out to be a champion we adore!
The Health-Oriented LifePath is about great health secrets.
The Shapelinks Way To Win is about great wealth secrets.
Never accept one finding, or an opinion from one source.
It is far wiser to tap into something proven repeatedly.
When we see it succeeding again, we see our recipe:
A recipe used most by masters and champions.
Those folks doing it best are worth heeding.
Masters and millionaires, and champions.
Pioneers give to us the great shortcuts.

Surprising how much of life is a choice, including excellence.
Excellence cannot be repeated accidentally, when you think about it,
because excellence cannot happen the first time accidentally, can it now?
Make it happen using your Health-Oriented LifePath and Shapelinks Way To Win websites,
where the best of you is elicited using PowerGems that you find beyond the TowerLinks.