Tell me all about it now Tell me all those secret dreams

Let me know the wonder of where it all came from

And teach me how to get there I seem to have lost my way,
You see, nothing's quite the same there, since then

Tell me all of the sweetest things that you're still looking forward to ...

We're all lookin' and hookin' and crookin' for that one that counts as love

Well, we can plan our way to get there, at least sometimes alone the way

We're all preachin', teachin', and reachin', about the same-sized heart of love

Love is the answer

Love is the answer

And all of the things that you've ever really wanted still waiting there for you,

We're all lying, dying, just crying For the same thing still called love

Love Love is the answer Love is the answer

L ove is the answer

Love is the answer Love is my answer

Long music with everything and noodling and multi-ripples

We can hope to someday get there sometimes along the way we're all lying, dying and crying

for that sweetest of love

See, I suspected I knew all the answers but it does not seem it will be all the same.
We're all hookin', crookin', and looking, for the sweetest kind of love

Love is the answer

Love is the answer my friend

Won't you reach and preach and teach a little love

Tell me, will I ever feel it again I wanna know right now

Will I ever, will I feel that bittersweet love sweet love

Oh tell me will I ever know the wonder of it all?

I wanna know right now will I feel it, will I feel that wonderful feeling

Will I ever know the wonder of it all

Tell me will I ever know the wonder of of of it all

Oh tell me will I know your love Tell me will I will ever know the wonder of it all.

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